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In term 1 and 2 we will be investigating the enquiry question:

How did WW1 change people's lives?

This investigation will look at the impact of WW1 on the lives of people in Britain and will have a local focus on the lives of those in Bristol. 


Lesson 1: What do we know about WW1? 

Lesson 2: What caused WW1? 

Lesson 3: What were the trenches like and was trench warfare successful?

Lesson 4: Was propaganda important in WW1? 

Lesson 5: Why do we remember WW1?

Lesson 6: How did WW1 change the lives of women?

Lesson 7: What factors helped Britain's victory in WW1? 

Lesson 8: Assessment task - looking back at main enquiry question. 




Arnos Vale

Arnos Vale 1
Arnos Vale 2
Arnos Vale 3

WWI Museum

WWI Museum 1