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History Term 4 (2020)

In History this term, we will be studying the Anglo-Saxons. Our main enquiry question will be:


Is it fair to call the Anglo-Saxon times the Dark Ages?


Lesson one:  Why did the Anglo-Saxons invade and how can we possibly know where they settled?

Lesson two:   What does the mystery of the empty grave tell us about Saxon Britain?

Lesson three:  How did people’s lives change when Christianity came to Britain and how can we be sure?

Lesson four:  How were the Saxons able the see off the Viking threat?

Lesson five:  Just how great was King Alfred, really?

Lesson six:  Just how effective was Saxon justice?


End of term assessment activity 


The children should look out for links between the Anglo-Saxons and our Power of Reading book for the term, Beowulf. 



Term 2 (2019)


In term 2, Year 4 completed their enquiry on the Romans.

They investigated the enquiry question:

What can we learn from artefacts about Romans in Britain? 


Lesson one: What can we learn from artefacts?

Lesson two: Why did the Romans invade Britain?

Lesson three: How was life different for Celts and Romans in Roman Britain?

Lesson four: What was a Roman settlement like?

Lesson five: Why did the Romans chose to settle in Bristol?

Lesson six: Have the Romans had an impact on what we eat today?

Lesson seven: What was life like for Romans in Britain?

Lesson eight: Assessment Activity- What can we learn from artefacts about Romans in Britain?



Last Year-- Viking Day July 2019