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Term 1 (2020)


In term 1, Year 4 will be studying the Romans in Britain.


We will investigate the enquiry question:

What did the Romans do for Britain?

Take a look at all the different aspects of Roman Britain we will be exploring:


Can you put British, local and world events in chronological order?

Why did the Romans invade Britain?

 How was life different for Celts and Romans in Roman Britain?

What was a Roman settlement like?

Who was Boudicca and why was she important?

Why did the Romans choose to settle in Bristol?

What were Roman homes like?

Have the Romans had an impact on what we eat today?

How can you use dance to express the Roman invasion?

Can you answer the history questions composed in the first session?

What is the legacy of the Roman invasion on Britain today?





This term, the year 4 teachers are setting a project for the whole term. 


We would like pupils to imagine they live in Roman times and we are asking them what types of leisure activities the Romans took part in. We would like pupils to produce a piece of work that reflects this which will be showcased before the half-term holidays. The work could be a model, or a piece of art, it could be a story written from the perspective of someone alive during the time or a fact file. If pupils choose to create a piece of art we are asking that they write a few lines to explain what it is and how it was used by Romans. For example: a 3D model of an amphitheatre complete with facts, a game that the Romans may have played complete with a set of instructions, or it could be some research into how Romans maintained personal hygiene!