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We are looking forward to Ancient Greek day this term on Tuesday 6th July. You can dress up in a Greek costume and we will have a range of exciting activities planned throughout the day!


We will not be teaching History for the rest of Term 6, instead we will be teaching Geography. 


Bristol Bus Boycott

In Term 2, we have also been studying an aspect of our local history - the Bristol Bus Boycott. 

Our history topic for Terms 1 and 2 is Ancient Britain. We will be investigating the main enquiry question:

How did life change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

1. Where do the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age fit on a timeline?

2. What was life like in the middle Stone Age?

(focus on Star Carr) 

3. What can we learn about life in the new Stone Age from Skara Brae?

4. What were houses like in the new Stone Age? 

5. How and why did people build Stonehenge?

6. What can we learn about the Bronze Age from a skeleton?

7. What was it like to live at Maiden Castle?


8.  Assessment task: How did life change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

Ancient Britain Day 2020

We celebrated our history learning about Ancient Britain by carrying out four workshops related to different aspects of Ancient Britain. We learnt about Stone Age cave painting and had a go using charcoal creating our own cave paintings under the tables! We read the story 'Stone Age Boy', and then created our own comic strips about life in the Stone Age.  We then learnt about Beaker pottery from the Bronze Age and made our own Beaker pots.To enhance our understanding of Iron Age art and culture, we looked at Iron Age jewellery and then made our own Iron Age brooches using a Celtic design. The children all looked fantastic in their outfits from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age!

Making a toilet paper timeline!