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Field sketch of Bristol Harbour

To finish off our topic on rivers, we walked down to the harbour to complete a field sketch. When we got back to school, we thought about how the harbour had changed over the years and how it might change in the future.

Polar Explorer Day!

To finish our learning about the Polar regions in geography and to link to our work in English about Shackleton, Year 6 had a Polar Explorer Day! We begun the day by planning a kit list for a 3 day expedition, sticking to a tight budget. We then learnt about the amazing discovery of the shipwreck of The Endurance from earlier this year and read blog posts by Tim Jacob, a member of the Endurance 22 team. Using this information, we created news reports about the discovery and location of the shipwreck and why it will be left in the Weddel Sea. As well as this, we did an experiment using dataloggers to find out how fat (blubber) can keep Polar animals warm in cold conditions. 

6 Figure Grid References

In Term 2, we went to Arnos Vale Cemetery. We completed a circular walk and mapped out important features using symbols and a key. We also looked at the world map to identify all the different places that the buried WW1 soldiers had come from.

Mapping at Arnos Vale