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Term 3

In Term 3, we are learning all about rivers, including the Amazon and Severn. This links with our book in English and allows us to explore the Amazon in more detail. We start our topic by recapping our knowledge about biomes and learning about vegetation belts.


Exploring biomes

Term 2

As part of our Polar regions topic, we have been creating factfiles for Antarctic Quest 21 and debating whether Antarctica should be developed or not. We also dressed up for Polar Explorer Day, where we used the VR headsets to imagine we were in the Artctic or Antarctic and had a Zoom from a researcher, who has been to Antarctica.

Polar Explorer Day

Should Antarctica be developed?

Antarctic Quest 21 factfiles

Term 1

During our trip to Arnos Vale, we used a key to map a designated area. We also used maps to navigate to some of the WW1 war graves in the cemetery. 

Mapping at Arnos Vale