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Tuesday 9th February Lesson

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Video to accompany sheet (listening task) 9/2/21

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Tuesday 2nd February

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Play this game to test your knowledge on French nouns, verbs, and phrases by selecting a topic and answering a series of questions. Keep coming back to it to help improve your French. 

Practice your French greetings by learning this song. The different French greetings are listed below the song. Listen to and repeat the different greetings then scroll down to the bottom of the page to do the quiz. How well do you know your French greeting?

This year in French we have been learning to talk about ourselves. Click on the link below to see how much you can remember. Have a conversation in French with your parents or siblings. Can you introduce yourself and say how old you are?


Work your way through this page, there are some key French phrases and vocabulary which we would like you to have a go at practicing. Listen to the the words to hear the correct pronunciation and have a go at saying them. Take the quiz at the end and see how much you know.