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Foundation Subjects and Additional Activities

Learning for Week Commencing - Monday 30th March

Learning for Week Commencing - Monday 23rd March

Feel free to also choose activities from the below subjects. Have fun!


Please use the link below to sign up and be a part of the ‘Great British Home Chorus’. This is an online virtual choir set up by Gareth Malone. You will be emailed songs to learn and there will be videos to watch on you tube. It will be a great way to keep singing and to share this experience with your family. If you would like to send me a video of you taking part in this, I would love to see it! Please send any videos or photos to Mrs Tiernan at



Create a collage of: a landscape, an animal, a musical instrument, an ice cream or a portrait of yourself or family member.

Design a poster reminding others how they can stay healthy. This might include a balanced diet, the eat well guide, the importance of exercise, sleep, sugar swaps or recognising traffic lights on food packaging.


Make a list of 20 things you can do now, that you couldn’t do as a baby.

What 5 things can you do now, that you couldn’t do in Year 2? 

Maybe you could look at your baby photos with your family.


Continue to find out about Ancient Egypt by exploring this website


Scarab beetle art activity

The scarab beetle was a very important symbol for Ancient Egyptians. It was used lots in Ancient Egyptian art and was linked to their religion. The scarab beetle is actually a type of dung beetle!

The scarab was a popular design for good luck charms, for seals used to stamp documents, and for jewellery made from clay or precious gems. Some had inscriptions, like the owner’s name or a brief message like "congratulations on your new child".

The rich colours used in the scarab design had meaning. Red signified the god, Ra. Touches of yellow were used to symbolize the sun and the desert. Blue symbolized the Nile. Green was the symbol for growth. The round circle the scarab beetle is holding is to represent the sun.

We would like you to try out some scarab beetle art work. Use this link to produce your own scarab beetle designs.


Ancient Egyptian Gods activity

Research some of the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses on the British museum website:

Can you find …

A god who has a jackal head?

A god with the head of a ram?

The sun god?

The god of writing and knowledge?

The god of the sky?

Activity: Then your challenge is to design your own god.

Will your god or goddess be half human and half animal?

What will they be the god of?

Will they hold anything in particular?

Try and draw your Egyptian god in the Egyptian style of drawing. Underneath write down some key facts about your god and make up a name for your god.

Learning for Week Commencing - Monday 16th March
In geography we have been learning about different biomes. Your challenge is to design a house to fit in a biome. Draw and label the house and then write a paragraph to describe where you will get food and water and how you will survive extreme weather or seasonal changes. 


In PSHE this term we have been focusing on ways to keep ourselves happy and healthy. This week we looked at what it means to have a positive mental health and how we can achieve a positive well-being.

Can you come up with 5 different activities, linked to the below, that make you happy? Try and complete a task every day to make you feel happy.


Connect... ...with people around you.
Be active...find a physical activity that you can enjoy and do it!
Take notice...of the world around you and what you are feeling
Keep learning...try something new
Give...a smile, some time, a helping-hand




In music this week we are listening to music from the early and mid twentieth century, as part of our music chronology unit. Listen to the music on the link below and tell your family what you can hear. Can you research the composer of the piece and find out about the music and when it was composed?  

Then, use colours of your choice to draw and represent the mood and atmosphere of the music.