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Foundation Subjects

From 20th April onwards, we will upload 5 Foundation Subject lessons per week. This will give you one subject to do per day alongside your Maths and English. There are additional activities below for anyone who is feeling particularly keen.


As always, we would love to see photos/videos of any work you are particularly proud of. We will upload as much as we can to the class folders on the website. 


Take a trip to Yellow Stone Nation Park:


Explore Bristol through historic maps:


You can go on a virtual field trip of mars:

Explore the website and design a new robot that we can send up to help us learn more about Mars


Nature works everywhere is a great website that allows you to go on various virtual field trips

Watch a video and discover the amazing natural world around us.




Expand your historical horizons with some interactive websites!

See if you can find some awesome facts about our topic this term, the Vikings, to amaze your family with!



Follow along with art activities with Patty, a primary school art teacher on the Deep Space Sparkle page. Send your creation to your teacher by e-mail if you want to.

Design and Technology


Design a healthy menu for your family, using the ingredients already in your cupboards.

Consider the Eat Well Guide, ensuring you have a balanced diet throughout the day.


The eat well guide 


Interactive eat well guide



Duolingo is a great app or website to learn a new language, it is free to create an account.