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Foundation subjects

Geography - Lesson 4

Music - Lesson 3


This term we have being thinking about the world we live in and asking if things are 'fair'.

For this week's lesson, we want you to follow the slides, videos and task from the Oak Academy on 'Men and Women at work'. This introduces you to new language of 'stereotyping' and 'prejudice' and then gives you chance to think about the qualities needed for your dream job.

As always, please send your work through to your class teacher - we would love to read all about your dream job profiles.


Last week, you drew your chosen flower onto A4 paper. This week, your task is to begin painting your picture. Use what you have learnt about tints and shades to make your flower look as 3D as possible. Remember, Georgia O'Keeffe used bright colours and bold strokes. Take your time and enjoy the process! 


French - Lesson 3