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This week we are carrying on with our brilliant book, 'The Wild Robot' by Peter Brown. 

If you have missed any learning, please catch up with last weeks first. Please try and watch the videos, and do the tasks each day so you are ready for continuing your learning when you are back in school next week.

Happy last week of home learning!


Listen to me read chapter 26 after you have completed Monday's task, but before Tuesday's lesson.





Your task today is to finish your advert for a Gosling Mother. 


We would love it if you could bring in your adverts on Monday to share with all your classmates and teachers!


When you have finished it using the Success Criteria to check, we would like you to join a 'World Book day Masterclass'. Choose one of the two master classes below to watch one of the videos of famous authors, Zanib Mian or Katherine Rundell, talking through their writing process. Then follow the links on the web pages to completed the activities they suggest.