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Powerpoint for English w/b 20th April

You will find a short video clip for each lesson this week on this website and the schools YouTube channel. It will explain the PowerPoint and give guidance on activities to complete. 

English - additional ideas


  • Re-cap the sounds on the phonics card in your reading log. Write words that use that phoneme.
  • Write a shopping list for a party and make an invitation.
  • Write a letter to a fairytale character.
  • Read and write tricky words (look in your homework folder for lists previously sent out) 
  • Reading daily – your school book, library book or books at home.
  • Write a book review or blurb about your favourite book.
  • Write a description of characters from story books using lots of fantastic adjectives.
  • Think up a new character, draw them and write about them.
  • Keep a daily diary entry.
  • Transform a book character into a sock puppet.
  • Write a story about a cat who can sing.
  • Use the conjunctions ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘so’ in sentences.
  • Write a string of rhyming words.
  • Write a description of your favourite toy.