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At Ashton Gate Primary School our English curriculum is taught collaboratively through the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education’s (CLPE) Power of Reading Scheme. This scheme runs alongside the Letters and Sounds Phonics Scheme for early reading in EYFS and Key Stage 1.   

Writing at Ashton Gate

In Reading it is our intention to create independent and ambitious readers, who through their time learning with us have acquired the skills needed to read with fluency and to confidently comprehend written material. We intend to encourage all pupils to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction, to develop their knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live, to establish an appreciation and love of reading, to gain knowledge across the curriculum and develop their comprehension skills.  We intend to foster an environment where all children feel that high quality literature is accessible to them; where they are inspired to read and enjoy books; where they understand the process that goes into creating the books they pick up; and to providing a reading curriculum which teaches them to become confident, independent readers who can explore non-fiction to find facts, have the skills to begin to comprehend the nuances of plot lines, characters and hidden meanings within poetry, who can make links between the literature they discover during their time at Ashton Gate and beyond. It is our intention to ensure that by the end of KS1 that all pupils are able to read with growing confidence and fluency in order that phonics and reading have a minimal impact on KS2 and we hope pupils will seek to build on these reading skills for the rest of their lives once they leave us. 


It is our intention in Ashton Gate Primary School, to create ambitious, confident writers who have acquired a range of skills to enable them to independently write for a variety of different purposes and audiences. Alongside a love of writing, we want to enable them to recognise the importance of effectively communicating through carefully crafted sentences and the significance of this in securing future employment. We want to inspire writers of the future and give them the opportunity to understand how powerful the written word can be.