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Due to lockdown and the current restrictions within schools, some of our Eco schools plans have had to be adapted. However, this year we are still aiming to achieve our Eco Schools award. At the end of last year, we achieved Eco Schools Bronze and Silver awards and are continuing to promote our eco school targets around the school. 


Watch this space for more updates.

Eco Schools


This year we have starting working towards our Eco Schools Award.

So far we have formed an Eco Committee who have undertaken an Eco review for the school.

From here, we have decided to focus on several key areas:


  1. Recycling
  2. The school environment
  3. The bio-diversity of Ashton Gate.


We are really motivated to make a big impact with our recycling. So far we have starting collecting hard plastics, including pens and glue sticks. These will be recycled using the recycling initiative Terracycle.

In addition, we have stepped up the food waste recycling within the school kitchen.

As we get more proficient with recycling, we hope to develop a wider range of materials that we can recycle.

The school Environment.

We are working hard to improve the school environment by focusing on the fauna within the school site. Several plant donations have been made to our ‘quiet area’ which continues to develop and thrive. Thank you to all stakeholders who have donated plants to Ashton Gate Primary and of course our parent volunteers who tend to the garden, in particular Sara Chadwick Holmes.


In addition, we have been working with The woodland trust and their Trees for Schools officer – Jon Atwood. We are very excited to announce we will be receiving 30 samplings for the school grounds in the spring.

We have working as a school to improve the traffic congestion and road safely around both sites.


You may have seen our new road signs which are helping to reduce congestion and improve road safely at the beginning and end of each day. We are hoping to continue to promote this as well as working on improving the air quality around the local area.

The Bio-diversity of Ashton Gate


We are planning on making the school environment more welcoming to a variety of wildlife and encouraging wildlife to settle throughout the school grounds. 


At present, we are in the process of ordering a number of items to increase bio-diversity. This include bug hotels, bird boxes and a camera to monitor our wildlife visitors. 

Eco Assembly


Lead by highly motivated Yer 6 Eco club reps, class 6G planned and delivered a fantastic assembly about what we can do the help the environment. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, the assembly explained climate change and how the younger generation are motivated to solve the problem they are inheriting from previous generation. 


The assembly was watched by the entire key stage and all the pupils were fully engaged. 


Eco Club Assembly