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Eco Club

The first and second Eco Club meetings of the year have taken place and some brilliant ideas have been shared about how we can further improve the school environment. We discussed our ideas and decided to continue to focus on recycling and improving the school grounds, especially by removing litter. The Eco Reps have volunteered to litter-pick during some their playtimes and they will be collecting further suggestions from their classes, so that they can share feedback during the next meetings.

Some of the Year 6 Eco Reps were able to take part in a Bristol Water competition, where they were able to decorate a water butt. This will be very useful for watering out plants in the playground.

In our Term 2 Eco meeting, the Eco Reps sorted and counted all of our hard plastics to be recycled.

In 2021, we have recycled lots!
-1097 gluesticks

-1561 whiteboard pens

-711 handwriting pens

Water Butt Decorating!