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Day 5

Today we will think about how the bears cook their favourite meals. We have lists of ingredients and sets of instructions to help us.


We will use our sequencing skills from earlier in the week to sort some instructions into the right order and help the bears with their new microwave. Print and cut out the porridge recipe cards or make a set of your own, put them in the wrong order and let the children sort them into the correct order.


You can then use these to help write your own recipe card. Add the ingredients list and equipment you will need.


To extend the activity you could carry on and make a recipe card to make flapjack, or any other recipes you like.


-Remember to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

-Try to use your joined writing.

-Can you include an exclamation?

-Can you use words like 'first', 'next', 'then' and 'finally' to help show the sequence?

Y1 English Friday 22nd May

Sequencing and writing recipe cards - Use the resources provided to sequence a recipe for making porridge, then think about what ingredients and equipment people would need. Using this knowledge write a recipe card someone could use to make their own porridge. You could then repeat this task with flapjack or other recipes.