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Day 3

Today we will find out a bit about what happened after the story we know so well. The Three Bears were not very happy that Goldilocks came in their house and wasn't very respectful. They were also sad that she didn't say sorry. They have written a letter to her adults to explain everything.


Read the letter with your child or read it to them then run through the questions at the end. See if they have anything else they would like to talk about after having read the letter and if they have any questions themselves.


Tomorrow we will look at writing our own responses to this letter.

Y1 English Wednesday 20th May

Read the letter from the 3 bears to Goldilocks' adults and answer the questions on what you have read. You can read the letter to your children or let them have a try themselves, with support for the trickier words.

Letter from the bears and the questions to answer after reading