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CodeStars Activities

This term, we are taking part in a computing project led by CodeStars. As well as the activities we will be completing in school, there is a home learning task for you to have a go at.


There are also discussion prompts for you to look at with an adult at home. We suggest looking at 1-2 of these discussion prompts each week.

CodeStars Computing Discussion Tasks


The CodeStars Computing home learning tasks have been designed to be done jointly with an adult. We will ask you to show the conversation prompt to an adult at home, so that you can complete the activity/discussion together.


Please show this to an adult at home.


Prompt 1

This week, you and your Year 5 could watch the trailer for 'Hidden Figures' here. It's about three female mathematicians in NASA's team of 'human computers'. If your child is inspired, maybe watch the whole thing?


Prompt 2

Keeping young people safe online is important. Follow this link for some great tips that you can talk about with your Year 5.
If you like the tips, share them with a parent you know and see what they think. It's good to talk about these things.


Prompt 3

"Don't just buy a new videogame. Make one. Don't just download the latest app. Help design it. Don't just play on your phone, programme it" Barack Obama.
Your child could have a go at making their own jumping game in Scratch. Watch this tutorial together, then go to and choose 'start creating'.


Prompt 4

CodeStars asked English and Maths teachers if computing was important. They said definitely! Computing teaches you to think in a creative way and solve problems.  Ask your child to tell you about what they have been working on in computing recently.
Can they tell you two things they've learnt this term that you didn't know already?


Prompt 5

"Understanding coding is a superpower. Programming is the language of the future and of now" Karlie Kloss (super-model and part-time coder).
With your Year 5, watch this video of Karlie explaining why she thinks coding is important.
If your child could build something with code (e.g. a website, a game or an app) what would it be?


Prompt 6

Not everyone who studies computing is a genius. Most are normal people who work hard and keep trying even when things are difficult. Ask your Year 5 about a time when they didn't know how to do something on a computer, phone, or tablet but they figured it out.


Prompt 7

People who study computer science at university can earn a lot of money and get to work on lots of different things, from music and fashion to healthcare.
Watch this short video with your Year 5 to see all the different jobs they could do with computer science. Can your child think of a job that they would be interested in that might involve coding?


Prompt 8

Like singing or painting, computer science is creative too. Learning to code gives kids the tools to build their imagination into reality. Learn how your Year 5 has been putting their imagination to work by asking them about the lesson they had on using AI to help clean up the oceans. They could show you how they used programming to teach a machine to recognise patterns on its own (link here).


Prompt 9

Thank you for having a go at these computing activities over the last few weeks. We hope they have been helpful.

Want to take your Year 5's computing education one step further?

1. Enrol them in a coding club near you
2. Turn their online time into a positive by encouraging them to play educational games like Blockly

3. Talk to other parents to learn more tips and tricks on how you can support your child's learning.