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Rose tried some Chinese art and writing in celebration of Chinese New Year

Willow has been so busy and creative. She has made tree faces, created some beautiful art work.

Rose made a model of the suspension bridge with hot air balloons in the background

Aurora has been so busy designing bridges, bears and aliens!

Luke went on a Brunel hunt around Bristol and made some bridges of his own

Poppy designed and made a bridge that even opens and closes!

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Reggie has been busy working on a range of jobs this week

Hugo has created some fantastic work this week

Ernest built a bridge and thought about the best materials to make real bridges

Caleb's work from last week. Including 'Drawing with Rob', boat building and measuring with pasta

Willow's story, globe and puppet pals

Gilbert's work from week 3

Ernest made a brilliant model of the SS Great Britain

Reggie wrote a brilliant rap about his dad. He also found a boat at home that reminded him of the SS Great Britain.

Willow used Duplo to help her solve Maths problems. She also went on a Brunel tour around Bristol

Rose made a collage using different materials she had learned about during her Science learning.

Part 2 in 'The Adventures of Rose' - where we find out that Rose is an actual rose

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Rose wrote a story and made a video of herself reading it back. Well done Rose!

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Caleb's learning - ee / ea / ey phonics and brilliant Lego building!

Skyla's letter writing