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Cherry Class

We’d like to say a huge thank you to any children or adults we haven’t been able to see. The gifts you gave us are really thoughtful and very much appreciated. If we don’t see you before, have a lovely summer break and thanks for all your hard work and support this year.


Mrs Palmer, Coach Cam and Mr Anderson

1960s exhibition - Thank you so much to all of the hard work put in by the children and the adults. We are all so impressed with the exhibits!

Learning about butterflies, moths and caterpillars with our visitor from Munching Caterpillars

Our trip to the farm. Hunting for 4 leaf clovers. Meeting chicks that had hatched that morning. Meeting adult chickens and building dens for bears!

Talking in our groups to decide how we can sort trees into groups

Working together to make a number line as a class. Looking at 10s and 1s to help us

Sorting leaves to match their pictures

Using a variety of resources to make two digit numbers

We made maps of the trees and flowers on the playground and then used them to find our way around