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CCAC Project with Y5 2022

Throughout Term 6 2022,  Year 5 took part in a co-design collaboration project with the charity Climate Change All Change (CCAC). The purpose of the project was to blend climate literacy and creative design solutions to the climate crisis. This was an extremely exciting project and covered the geography and DT learning. You can find out more about CCAC and a pilot completed with another school by following the link below and a film will be made about our school soon!

The project was supported by two talented designers, Finbar Charleson and Jack Cardno, who led the co-design project in conjunction with the Year 5 teachers. The children thought  about the local area and how Bristol may look in 2050. They worked together to design environmentally-friendly buildings, using renewable resources and had the opportunity to present these ideas to a panel at the end of term. Over the summer, the architects developed the projects into 3D models, which you can see in the PowerPoint below. The presentation event was fantastic and was attending by a range of people, including Karin Smyth, the South Bristol MP.





Please look at the PowerPoint below to see the amazing buildings that the children designed and the final project: Sanctuary City.

Sanctuary City

Building future houses around renewable resources

Designing, drawing and building our own structures

Introductory Session to learn about climate change and the energy needed to produce materials