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Book recommendations

It’s set in modern times, but the Greek myths are alive and their parents are a god or goddess and they have to go to a special camp where they have loads of adventures. I like the books because they have the Greek myths and it’s exciting. My favourite character is Annabeth because she is cool and clever.

JT's recommendation

Fings by David Walliams- recommended by Olivia in 3TH

Olivia recommends this book as it has a funny and exciting storyline.

Zoe's (3H) Book Recommendations!

Anya's book recommendation (3A)

Anya recommends Claude because he is a very funny dog and his best friend ever is Sir Bobbly Socks. I would recommend this to anyone who loves dogs (and socks!)

Bertie's book recommendation

Theo's book recommendation (3A)

Theo recommends the book 'Dog Man: The Tale of Two Kitties' because "it is very funny and adventurous. I would recommend it to a person who likes Captain Underpants!"