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Apple Class

The children made labels for their pop up shop and sold items to friends using a range of coins in different combinations. 

Maths - money

Science Trip to Greville Smyth Park


During our science trip at Greville Smyth Park, there were four activities which included, a scavenger hunt 'find something red, find something green, find a flower, find a puddle etc' The children delighted in finding all the things on the list.  The second activity was finding a deciduous and evergreen tree and sketching the trees.  Also, doing a bark rubbing and describing how the tree felt.  The third activity was finding leaves, bark, buds that had fallen off trees, grass, small minibeasts and placing them in the magnifying pots to examine closely.  The fourth activity was in the play park.


Thank you to all the parent volunteers that helped.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their science trip to the park.