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Apple Class

The children painted their own version of ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh. 

Mini Van Gogh’s

On Wednesday 23rd March, we celebrated ‘World Maths Day.’ The children really enjoyed measuring outside in the playground and making addition sentences using ‘legs’ from different animals and creatures from a class text. They had an inspirational assembly and learnt how maths is used in the world. Florence Nightingale was our mathematician and the children explored how she applied maths during her life.

The children learnt about the Christian creation story. They selected one of the seven days and moulded play dough into animals, creatures, stars, ocean etc. The play dough was then placed on large paper and the children talked about the 7 days of creation from the Christian faith.

RE - Christianity ✝️- Creation of the World

Crazy Hair Day - Comic Relief