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Apple Class

In maths the children had picture cards with images of heavier,  lighter and equals to.  They walked around the room and when the teacher called "Quiz Quiz Trade!" they had to find the nearest person and use sentence stems to describe their picture and then swap cards.

Maths - Collaborative Learning - 'Quiz Quiz Trade' game

Story time week - thanks parents!

Grace and Family (text) - cooking African food ‘Mandazi’


Still image for this video

PSHE - People who are special to me

Maths - Finding 3D shapes in the playground

What shapes can you see?



Science - Seasons

How many seasons are there in a year?  Can you say in order starting from spring?

Creative minds

We have 20 minutes in the afternoon to play and create.  We learn to share toys and equipment and let our imaginations run wild.

Science - Planting beans

What do plants need to grow? Today we learnt about the life cycle of plants and we planted a bean.  Over the next few weeks we are going to see what happens.