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Some super science home learning about moon phases.

My wibbly wobbly poem by Dorothy.




They did some wibbly wobbly skipping


With a wibbly wobbly rope


They wibbled and wobbled up and down


On a very mighty slope




They did some wibbly wobbly climbing


Up a wibbly wobbly tree


They wibbled and wobbled to the upper most branch


To see what they could see



They played some wibbly wobbly football


In a wibbly wobbly park


They dribbled, wobbled and wibbled


Until the sky went dark



They ate some wibbly wobbly jelly


Which was a wibbly wobbly treat


They went for some wibbly wobbly rest


Then he would wake up in the morning


and do it on repeat.

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Some superb superhero art.

All the work! Very well done, young man!

More excellent art from Sozy - well done!

Sam's owl pellet - that's a vole skeleton you can see there. Amazing work Sam!