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Year 3

Bedminster Lantern Parade Postponed.

Due to the weather, the lantern parade has been postponed until January. 

We soon as we know the details, we will let you know. 

Thank you for your support.


Welcome to Term 2


Dates for your diaries:


Thursday 8th November - School Shut


Tuesday 13th November - Individual School Photos


Wednesday 14th November - PTA Year 3/4 Disco

See PTA members for tickets


Thursday 15th November and Friday 16th November 

Lantern Making for the Bedminster Lantern Parade

Please let us know if you can help!


Tuesday 20th November 

Year 3 Ancient Britain Day  - Children are encouraged to dress up as a person from either the 

Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age - We have a brilliant day taking part in a variety of historical (and fun) activities. 


Tuesday 20th November - Parents Evening 1. 

Please see your emails for the sign up 


Thursday 22nd November - Parents Evening 2. 

Please see your emails for the sign up 


Outstanding Poetry Slam

Amazing Geography Homework

Welcome to Year 3! 


We hope you had a lovely summer break and are looking forward to an exciting new Year!

The Year 3 team are Mr Donaldson in 3D, Mrs Herbert and Mrs Franklin in 3FH, Mrs Ryan-Ramirez in 3R and Mr Considine in 3C. Mrs Frost will be supporting all the classes within Year 3 throughout the year. 


The school day starts at 8.50am. When the bell rings the children line up. After the second bell they enter the school.


Break time is at 10.10am. Unfortunately, unlike Year 2 we do not receive free fruit in Year 3. However children are encouraged to bring in any fruit or veg as a healthy mid morning snack. As with the rest of the school - no nuts please!


Lunch time is 11.30 - 12.30. The children have lunch in the school hall followed by a playtime on one of our playgrounds. We are very happy that the playground across the road is now even bigger. There will be more exciting upgrades to follow soon! 


The day ends at 3.10pm We will bring the children out into the back playground. We ask the children to let us know who is picking them up so please feel free to come and say hello! 


PE starts in week 1 and will continue throughout the Year.

3R will have PE on Tuesday morning.

3C will have PE on Tuesday afternoon.

3D will have PE on Friday morning.

3FH will have alternating PE on Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon. 



We ask the children to bring in their PE kits at the beginning of the term and keep them in school.

Please ensure your child has appropriate footwear and clothes for PE. Weather permitting we will be doing PE outside as much as possible so please be aware of how the weather may well change throughout the term. Sun hats and applied sun-cream maybe relevant for the next few weeks where as a sweat shirt and tracksuit trousers maybe more appropriate later in the term. (Much later hopefully!)