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UK Chess Challenge 2013

School Chess Tournament

What a terrific final week in the school chess tournament.  Congratulations to everyone who played but especially to Seamus Goldsworthy in Y5 who beat Felix Brown in the final game of the competition to nip into first place and take the Ashton Gate Primary School Chess Championship.  A thrilliing end to a hard fought tournament.  

Also, well done to all the players who scored 17 or more points or who were top scoring boy or girl in their year group.  They have all qualified for the next round, the Megafinal, in Street on Sunday May 19th.  The complete list of qualifiers is Shannon from Y6; Seamus, Dougie, Felix, James and Amy from Y5; Seb, Romao and Katie from Y4; and Vikram and Althea from Y3. 

Final table
Seamus Goldsworthy 19
Felix Brown 18
James Casling 18
Seb de Montfort 18
Dougie Poynter 18
Romao Palmer 17
Vikram Bakrania 17
Lucas Peters 16
Barni Keresztes 16
Cole Oakley 16
Harry Lee 15
Jimmy Church 15
Ollie Beeho 15
William Hulse 15
Jasper Brown 15
Shannon Brandon 15
Amy Stapleton 14
Katie Stapleton 14
Althea Smith 14
Luke Bryant 14
Josefine Maskell 13
Freja Abrahams 13
Nadia Peters 13
Rosie Giles 13
Alice Reynolds 13
Audrey Sweet 13
Gabriel McEvoy 13
Isabelle Davies 12
Steph Thomasset 12
Zennen Palmer 12
Megan Buncher 11
Ellie Foley 11
Finn Parry 11
Carla Roberts 11
Sophia Ferreira Antas 10
Olive Friend 9
Bogdan Rusnak 9
Zoe Heberlet 7

Every child will play 7 games against opposition on a similar points score and the top boy and girl in each year group will earn the right to play in the next round. 
Children will score 3pts for a win, 2pts for a draw and 1pt for a loss. 
If a child misses a week they will score 0 points. 
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