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Spellings and homework


Homework for term 1 can be found below. It is given out on a Friday and we ask for it to be handed back in the following Wednesday, unless it is longer project spanning more than one week.



Spellings will be given to the children to take home every Friday. Sometimes the children will be focusing on a spelling rule or pattern, Sometimes they are more personal spellings taken from the statutory word list.


When the spellings are taken from the statutory word list, each child will have their own individual spellings which are based on those they need to work on. Therefore, during these weeks, there will be no spellings available on the website. If your child is able to spell the selected words from the statutory list and has no recent spelling corrections, we will be challenging them to look at a list of words which are most often misspelt by adults and select from their spellings from this!


We have added a list of the statutory words for year 3 and 4 below.



Term 1 Homework projects

Weeks 1 and 3 spellings are from the Statutory word list.