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Term 1 


Week 1

3rd - 7th September

I   can


Week 2

10th - 14th September

I  can  mum


Week 3

17th - 21th September

I  can  mum  dad  in


Week 4

24th - 28th September

I   can   mum   dad   in   it   if


Week 5

1st - 5th October

I  can  mum   dad   in   it   if   up   at   no


Week 6

8th - 12th October

I  can  mum   dad   in    it   if    up   at   no   got   to   had


Week 7

15th - 19th October

I   can   mum   dad   in    it   if    up   at    no   got    to   had   of    into 



Week 8

22nd - 26th October

Spelling Bee - how many of these words can you spell correctly? 

I  can   mum   dad   in    it    if    up    at    no    got    to    had   of    into




If your child is able to spell term 1 spellings, they can move on to the other spellings that can be found below.  Repetition is key as although your child may spell the words accurately in a spelling quiz, they don't always transfer this when writing sentences (they have so many other things to think about!).




Y1 Yearly Overview Spellings