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Term 3


We hope you all had lovely holidays and managed some relaxing. We are looking forward to seeing all of the children and we can't wait to hear about all the things they have been up to.


We have an exciting term ahead of us exploring the topic of 'Jobs People Do.' We would love to invite parents/carers in to talk to their child's class briefly about their job or hobby. If you are able to do this please let a member of the Reception team know, the children really gain a lot from hearing about the experiences of the people in the community around them. We are hoping this will spark the children's interest and get them asking lots of questions that we can explore.


We are continuing to talk to the children about growth mindset and exploring the vocabulary that can promote this - 'I can't do it...yet' for example. We will be helping the children to focus on the progress they have made. If you missed the discussion about Growth Mindset at the information afternoon and want to know more about it, please talk to your child's class teacher. 


We will be exploring the traditional tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff - among many other things we will be adding actions to the story, acting it out and making our own story maps. We will also be exploring the books 'The Jolly Postman' and 'How Big is a Million.' We are continuing to learn new sounds in phonics and using our new skills to read and write sentences. This term we will be learning the sounds x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air and er. The sounds that are made up of two letters are called digraphs (e.g. sh) and the sounds with three letters are called trigraphs (e.g. igh). We will be learning to read and write the remembering words: he, she, the, and, to, we, me, be, was, no, go, my and you. We will also be practicing our letter formation skills so that our writing is really easy to read. We hope you are enjoying sharing your child's reading book with them. 


We will be looking at 2D shapes in our environment and developing the language we can use to describe them. We will then go on to exploring the numbers 11-20, investigating what a teen number is e.g. 13 is 10 and 3 more, so that we really begin to understand place value. We will work at ordering these numbers and finding one more and less than a given number from 11-20. We will also look at estimating, making predictions about how many of a given object we can see. 


We will be counting '100 days of the Year' and having a '100 day party' to celebrate once we have got there, which will be very exciting!


We look forward to working with you this term. Please do keep checking the whole school newsletter for any important notices and for any preview about what we will be learning the following week. Thank you again for all your support so far. 


Reception PE times:

Butterflies - Wednesday pm

Bumblebees - Thursday am

Caterpillars - Friday am

Ladybirds - Friday pm


Any questions, please ask a member of staff, we are always happy to chat and to help.

Term 3 Newsletter

October Information Afternoon

New Reception Parents Powerpoint

Thank you to all of the Parents/carers who came to the New Parents Information Evening for our September 2017 intake on June 21st. We loved meeting all of you. If you were unable to make it or wanted to remind yourself of any of the details you can take a look at the presentation above. We look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Reception Staff


EYFS Lead: Mrs Cath Sands


Ladybird Class:  Mr Riley  (Class teacher)

                           Mrs Poynter 


Butterfly Class: Mrs Gilbert (M,T,W) and Mrs Houghton (W, Th, F) (Class teachers)

                           Miss Ward.


Caterpillar Class: Mrs Sowden (Class teacher)

                             Mrs Douglas 


Bumblebee Class: Miss Tedstone (Class teacher)

                               Mrs Forsythe


Other staff who help us:  Sidra Khan (Sports Stars Coach)






Reading and Writing Presentation

Links to support you with your child's learning at home.

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