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We hope the children all had a lovely break, we are very happy to welcome them back to term 2. Please note Bumblebee PE will change to Friday afternoons for this term. 


We will start the term off by learning about Bonfire Night and Diwali, we will be exploring light and dark alongside these themes. We will also be looking at the changing seasons around our park trip on the morning of Tuesday 14th November. Reception will also look at the book Kitchen Disco during this term - making repeating patterns with fruit, dancing, making headbands and writing 'invitations' for the 'kitchen disco' that will happen during the school day as part of the exploration of this book (not to be confused with the actual Reception disco which will happen from 4.30-5.30 on Tuesday 13th November!). Individual classes will follow their own interests and fascinations throughout this term, ensuring that children are motivated and involved in their learning. 


We will continue to learn new sounds in phonics and work hard to blend and segment the sounds into words that we can read and write. We will also be looking at the Traditional Tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 


In Mathematics, as well as looking at repeating patterns,we will be focusing on the numbers 0-10 - carefully counting, ordering, representing on paper, comparing quantities and looking at one more or less than a given number. 


And of course, we will be starting to learn the songs for our Nativity play - 'Shine, Star, Shine', which is all a big star who needs the help from all his friends to make him believe he can shine and show the way to the stable. We are very excited about getting started and we are sure the children will love it. 



PE for Reception...


Children in Reception will start PE lessons during the week beginning 24th September. To begin with, the children will work in groups of 15, running consecutively so that they have a session each week. They will need their PE kit in a bag on the day of their lesson and staff will support them to get changed into their kit, encouraging independence and confidence with undressing and dressing. Children will remain in their PE kit for the rest of the day and return home with their school uniform in their PE bag at home time. As ever, it's very important to label everything with your child's name to make this time run as smoothly as possible for them.


Coach Sid will encourage a range of physical skills and experiences during these sessions. Physical development is one of the prime areas of learning for children in Reception and along with their PE sessions, carefully planned activities and resources both inside and outside are in place throughout the week.These provocations and activities take into account the children's interests and fascinations and work from where the children are to develop these vital skills and, very importantly, to encourage an enjoyment of physical activity. Children also explore the importance of exercise and a balanced diet in keeping them healthy.


PE Sessions will be as follows:


Ladybirds: Wednesday morning.

Butterflies: Wednesday afternoon.

Bumblebees: Friday afternoon.

Caterpillars: Friday morning. 



Reception October Information Afternoon Powerpoint

Term 2 Newsletter 

Reception Staff


EYFS Lead: Mrs Cath Sands


Ladybird Class:  Mr Riley  (Class teacher)

                         Mrs Douglas


Butterfly Class: Mrs Gilbert (M,T,W) and Mrs Houghton (W, Th, F) (Class teachers)

                           Miss Ward.


Caterpillar Class: Mrs Sowden (Class teacher)

                             Mrs Forsythe


Bumblebee Class: Miss Carter (Class teacher)

                               Mrs Poynter


Other staff who help us:  Sidra Khan (PE)








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