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Week 1 & 2



After looking around your garden/street/park or after going on a woodland walk, can you improve your knowledge of wild flowers? Try to complete a fun flower quiz together using this link.


European Country Fact File

After half term, we will be learning about Europe. How much can you find out about a country in Europe?

Choose a country to research in Europe. Then make a fact file on the country using the information that you have found out.


You could include facts, pictures and maybe some information about the history of your chosen country. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • How many people live there?
  • Which language do people speak there?
  • Which currency is used there?
  • What does a traditional meal look like?
  • What is the weather like?


Week 3 & 4

Staying Safe Online

What advice would you give to…....if you saw something online that you didn't really like?

Sharing scenarios involving fictional characters takes the pressure off and gives your child the space to talk about what they might do in a tricky situation.This usually gets more discussion than “what would you do if…?” Often by taking themselves out of the situation and instead offering advice to someone else, children are more willing to discuss tricky topics.  



Week 5 & 6



Which words are not parts of plants?


stem     red        dog      petal       roots     money      pollen     balloon      anther    teddy    stamen


Now draw a plant or flower and label it with the words that are part of a plant.