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Week 2 & 3

16.4.18 - 27.4.18



Can you find any arrays in and around your home? Can you write the repeated addition and multiplication calculation for each one? Look at the example below to help you:
There are 3 groups of 2 
2 + 2 + 2 = 6
3 x 2 = 6




Look at an information book together to discuss if you can find the key features. Is there a contents pages? Are there captions and headings? Can you find any photos or pictures which give information? Are the pictures labelled? What is an index for?



Find a country that you have been to or would like to go to on the map. What is the biggest city? What do they like to eat? If you visited that country or city, what might you like to do?

What are the 4 countries in the UK?  What is the capital city?



Week 4 & 5

23.4.18 - 4.5.18



See if you can be a measuring detective! Find things to measure. You could measure using coins, pencils, cutlery or even a ruler or tape measure. Which object is the longest? Which is the heaviest? See if you can follow a recipe. Make sure that you measure the ingredients carefully.



How many ways can you start telling a story? Enjoy verbally thinking of ways to start a story which are more exciting than 'Once upon a time'.  Look together at story books to get a variety of ideas.



Using a torch, find some fabrics that let light through and those that don't.



Week 6 & 7 

 7.5.18 - 18.5.18



Practice telling the time to the hour and half hour. Look out for clocks wherever you go, see if you can tell someone what time it is.



Can you find a poem or rhyme about Summer? Read it together several times to develop expression and maybe there are actions which could go with it too!



Look at the trees in your area and the park. How many types of tree can you name?