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Term 4 Preview Learning

Week 1 & 2


Can you design your own superhero? Decide if it is a boy or a girl. Is your hero human? What costume do they wear? What are their superpowers? Draw a picture and write sentences to describe them.


Maths - Fractions

Cut out a square piece of paper. How many different ways can you fold it in half? Can you do the same with other shapes? Can you do the same with folding into quarters?



Find some objects in your house and sort them by the material they are made from. Can you find something made from wood/plastic/metal/glass?



Alternative pronunciations

Week 1 - a (as in 'ai', 'o', 'ar'), e (as in 'ee')

Week 2 - i (as in 'igh'), o (as in 'oa')



Week 3 & 4


Find a poem you enjoy. Can you find some rhyming words? Can you count the syllables in the lines? Can you think of some actions to help you remember the poem?



Can you help your child identify left and right? Face one wall in your room and make a half turn, where are you facing now? Try quarter turn and three quarter turns too.



Go outside and see what you notice about changes in weather. Do the trees look the same? Are there many animals? Is it warm?



Week 3 - u (as in 'loo', short oo as in 'book'), ow (oa as in 'blow')

Week 4 - ie (ee as in 'piece'), ea (e as in 'bread')



Week 5 & 6


Jack and the beanstalk - do you know your lines and your song words?

Can you find another version of Jack and the Beanstalk? This could be a book or a film. You might find one at school, the library or on the computer.



Multiplication - counting in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s - can you start at a number other than 0?


Comparing materials - Can you find something made of wood and something made of metal. What is similar and different about them?



Week 5 - er , ou (long oo as in 'soup')

Week 6 - recap the sounds we have looked at this year.