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Supporting your child at home​​​​​​​

When supporting a child read it is vital to be using the phonetic sounds correctly.  These are known as ‘pure sounds’.

The links below demonstrate how each part of the English phonic code should be pronounced.

Listening to Your Child Read

My child is developing their reading fluency:

Until your child is a fluent reader all focus should be on building their reading fluency.

- Allow the child complete ownership of their home reading book.

- Questioning is not necessary

- Allow the child to use their phonics knowledge to decode

What should I write in their Home Reading Record?

Was your child fluent? Y/N

Did your child use their phonics to help them decode? Y/N

Were there any words that your child struggled with? Y/N if so which words

In addition to listening to your child read their home reading book, we also would love for families to share books together for pleasure, allowing children to investigate, explore, question, build vocabulary and comprehension skills. These books for pleasure might be read by an adult to a child, a child to an adult or together. These would ideally be a mixture of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.