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Reading in Y2​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Reading in Year 2

We would encourage you to read with your child as often as possible ideally every day.  In class we will continue to teach phonics revisiting Phase 3 sound before moving onto Phase 5 and the alternative spellings.   

In Year 2 we do not consider any child to be a Free Reader, rather some children will become Enhanced Readers.  The banded scheme will continue beyond Year 2 and it is important to ensure that comprehension and fluency skills are developed alongside decoding. it is important to remember we will be doing your child no favours if we rush them through book bands.  Learning to read is not a race; it is a journey! 

We are always happy to welcome reading volunteers. The children love having adults to read to and we appreciate you giving up your free time!  Please let your class teacher know if you are free to come in and help and look out for a letter about Reading Volunteers.

We would suggest that the following online reading sites will help enhance your children's reading