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Reading in Y1

We are delighted to be introudcing our new phonics scheme 'Little Wandle'.  All children will have group reading practise with a teacher or trained LSA at least twice a week. They will also enjoy at least one weekly visit to the school library where they will be able to choose a book to enjoy reading at home with an adult. This will promote developing a love of reading. Alongside the reading for pleasure book and reading group practise, the children will also bring home a decodable reading book to share with an adult. Children are able to change their book each week, we encourage reading to be done at home each day if possible as it can be really useful to read the same book more than once to develop fluency and comprehension.

When reading with your children, talk about what they have read and see what they can remember. You can also ask them to predict what might happen next. The books that the children bring home should be at an appropriate level that they are able to read it with 90% fluency. Sharing a book with your child everyday really does have a HUGE impact on their love of reading and future learning. 

If you require extra reading resources alongside reading books please see the links below:

Thank you in advance for taking on your important role in helping your children to read. We hope that you all enjoy the above resources as much as we enjoy hearing your children read in school.

Please feel free to contact your class teacher if you have any questions about reading. We are always looking for volunteers to come in and hear the children read or to share their favourite story. If you are able to do this please do speak to your child's teacher.