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Our Vision

Ashton Gate Primary’s Vision

"Rising High Together"

We are pleased to share our school logo and motto: 

"Rising High Together."

As you can see, a hot air balloon is at the heart of the logo. This iconic image, that has long been fondly associated with south Bristol, represents our pupils. The multi-coloured balloon reflects our diversity and inclusive nature, and illustrates the idea of rising high together.

Below the balloon, you can see the Clifton Suspension Bridge. This world-famous structure can be seen from both school sites and is an important feature for our community. The two towers symbolise the school sites, two parts of one whole.

Rising High Together-  we can all move onwards and upwards, and by working together we can all be successful. We all have different starting points but we all have the opportunity to make the most of every day and fulfill our dreams and ambitions.

The school would like to thank all of the stakeholders who have contributed to the logo and motto development process. The involvement and engagement of the pupils, staff, parents and governors has been invaluable.