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(Design & Technology)

D&T gives children the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products. At Ashton Gate Primary, we look to inspire pupils to research, design, create and evaluate through undertaking stimulating project work. It is essential to nurture creativity in pupils; we encourage children to see design in the world around them, and engage in discussion about the processes that products go through. Design and Technology provides unique opportunities to develop independence, creativity and resilience. The school's subject leaders match the knowledge and skills which are taught with national curriculum aims, to ensure progression from EYFS through to leaving KS2. We are proud of the curriculum we offer and the joy it brings to pupils when they participate in the subject.  


Children develop a thorough understanding and passion of Design and Technology in their world and the impact it has on their lives. Throughout their time at Ashton Gate they will gain a wide range of relevant skills in planning, designing, making and evaluating through a variety of exciting and projects. The children will learn the importance of a balanced diet and gain skills in preparing and cooking a variety of food. 


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